Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Blogs are simple web pages which consist of short, informal and frequently updated posts. Blogs are a web-based journal which are easy to establish and require no technical knowledge to use. Blogs can be used by digital natives or digital immigrants, its not limited to certain age groups. it really is that easy anyone can use. On a blog page owners can post images, videos, voice recordings and links along with written blogs.

Uses in Speech Pathology

In speech pathology specialists can use blogs to their advantage with their patients, colleagues and their own learning.

Specialists can use blogs to:
  • post resources
  • reflect on their own ideas and methods
  • write lab notes
  • post links to great activities and sites
  • post homework to patients
  • share practice and experiences with other like-minded speech pathologists
  • create a continuous communication with patients and other specialists
  • view patients blogs are detect any problems
Not only can specialists use blogs to their advantage, patients can as well to improve their treatment.

Patients can use blogs to:
  • write journals anmd over time view progress
  • increase moral up because they can see the development
  • recieve feedback from their specialists, family, friends and other patients
  • discuss with other patients their treatment and progress
  • relating with other people blogging keeps up thier motivation and help relaise they are not alone
  • post questions which their specialist can prepare to answer in the next face-to-face session
  • voice any problems

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  1. You've got some really good ideas on how to use blogs within your chosen field.
    Blogging would definatly be a useful tool within speech pathology.