Thursday, August 20, 2009

e.Portfolio - Mahara

Allowing you a 100MB of storage an e.Portfolio account is a great site to display and store educational artifacts you have produced. A benefit of an e.portfolio is you can take it with you regardless of which institution you work at. For this course I created a Mahara account and I think its great. In Mahara you can creat folders and subfolders for different topics, view and post blogs, upload images and video's I find usefull or interesting, attach my resume and its easy to use and manage. Mahara is useful and I wish to continue using it in the future.

Uses for e.Portfolio in Speech Pathology

Specialist can us e.Portfolio for:
  • a portfolio of each current patient on their level, progress and future development potential
  • way of keeping information and updating it regularly
  • posting past assignment
  • attaching resume
  • a diary or reference to look back on how different patients were treated especailly with those of different ages and ethinic backgrounds
  • looking for jobs, employers can view a specialist e.Portfolio and view their achievements and what their capable of
  • documenting personal, academic and career goals and skills
  • messaging other specialists

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