Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hello readers,

My name is Iesha Walker and I'm 19 years old from Mackay. Untill this year I was uncertain which career path I wanted to endeavour. Finally I have settled on doing Speech Pathology at James Cook University next year. Currently I'm studying At Central Queensland University doing a Bachelor of Arts. I choose the Bachelor of Arts to experience many different topics, expand my knowledge, gain a good understanding of my learning and help with the problem of deciding my career.

For this assignment I have based using the different delivery technologies in Speech Pathology and how they can can help treat patients and contribute to my own learning. It's exciting to imagine the continuing possiblities technology can contribute to Speech Pathology. Being given the ability to put my own thoughts and ideas about how to effectivly use all the technologies and my understanding of them has increased my engagement in this course.

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  1. Congratulations on making a huge decision. It's interesting to read your blogs and how this technology can relate to other professions. A delivery technology which can increase knowledge and confidence in a child, promote collaboration, motivation and satisfaction is a powerful tool to be competent in to promote life long skills in our future generation.