Sunday, August 23, 2009


Podcasting involves uploading a media file and an XML file to podcasting server allows students to download these to a products like iTunes and replay it on an MP3/4 player like an ipod. A podcast in an audio file that you can listen to on a computer, or MP3 player video has been included and these are called Vodcasts

Uses of Podcasting in Speech Pathology

Specialist can use Podcasting to:
  • download recordings of patients and re-listen to detect any problems in their language skills
  • record their own thoughts
  • record discussions with patients, family and other specialists
Patients can use Podcasting to:
  • download as an exercise onto their ipods or media files and listen to recordings of different words, slowing pronoucing the words and their meaning and leaves time for patients to repeat and practice those words
  • listen to instructions for exercises, patients can listen as they perform the exercises
  • read and speak a paragraph while being recorded, then specialists can stop recording pinpointing any mistakes they make

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